Geoclub: Power and Space

Time-Table Geoclub Copyright: © DigiHum

What actually are "ghettos" and why do they exist? Why do women and queer people often avoid certain spaces (e.g. soccer stadiums)? Why do climate activists occupy urban spaces or e.g. the Hambach Forest and what is the meaning of this occupation? And what does all this have to do with geography?  In the Geoclub, critical-geographical ways of thinking are to be conveyed. This means that we will deal with the question of how spaces can be understood and (socially) created. At the same time, this is also related to the question of who is responsible for this and how this happens ("production of space").   The Geoclub is intended to open up space for open discussion and exchange on critical geographic topics across status groups - i.e. students as well as staff of the institute and beyond are all cordially invited. We will discuss together using current examples, read basic texts, and watch and discuss short video clips.  Active participation in the event can be counted for CP in the supplementary area within the Geographical Colloquium.